Tests for vocational trainees and students

Our vocational trainee toolbox contains all assessments you need to select your trainees: Starting with math, English and German tests, to personality and intelligence tests. We compile the procedures into a test battery that allows you to make a preliminary selection in the run-up to a job interview. A test battery usually includes a series of aptitude, expertise and personality tests.

Aptitude tests

Our aptitude tests measure basic competencies that are not covered by school grading. These include IQ tests, planning ability tests, spatial awareness tests, logical reasoning tests, concentration tests and numerous others. The assessments have an appealing graphic design and are successfully used in several international companies.

Expertise tests

Our expertise tests cover a wide range of specialized knowledge and skills. Apart from skills that are essential to basically any occupation (like maths or English), there are also assessments for more industry-specific knowledge, for example chemistry, physics, technology, computer science and commercial understanding.

Personality tests

Our personality tests are based on the life experience of young people and cover the well-known BIG FIVE traits as well as other dimensions that are necessary for successful training.

You have the possibility to either choose from our standard offers or to compile individual test batteries. We have already developed requirement profiles for more than 600 occupations and collected suitable test modules into our job-tailored standard offers. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our job-tailored assessments!


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