Added value through data

Added value through data


Valuable conclusions from your data

With ALPHA-TEST's Data Analytics tool you can quickly draw valuable conclusions from your data. Comparative benchmarks for your profession, your industry or your business area are available enabling you to compare and assess your current situation. One of the decisive advantages of ALPHA-TEST's data analytics tool is that it connects to various data sources and different data types, thus enabling you to create a holistic data picture.

Real-time data visualization

Data reports are an essential part of data analysis. They are important both for decisions in daily operations and for long-term strategy development. ALPHA-TEST's data analytics tool offers you many options in the dashboard to show the appropriate reporting options for your needs. In addition, the data reports can be customized according to the user's responsibilities. Thus, certain functional areas or positions can receive different reports. As data can change quite quickly, ALPHA-TEST's data analytics tool updates the reports in near real time.

What is possible with AI?

During a first pilot study, an AI solution was implemented which demonstrated promising first results. With junior staff, AI achieved higher validities than traditional assessments utilized in human resources.

Contrary to normal practice, the AI continuously checks whether the selection criteria still "fit" the incoming applicants, or whether changes should be made. AI thereby provides regular feedback on the quality of the personnel selection while at the same time making the necessary adjustments. If AI technology is applied in this way, artificial intelligence would thus provide more transparency and better quality control.

What is allowed?

You are probably wondering if an AI can be implemented in your company. It can, if you consider the following aspects:

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