Data protection. At all Times

Data protection. At all Times


German Basic Data Protection Regulation

Thank you for trusting us! We are aware of the importance you place on data protection and apply the greatest care and highest security standards to protect the personal data of your applicants from unauthorized access. The processing of personal data when implementing our test procedures is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the German Basic Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO).

Contracted Data Processing

Before you as a client can use our tests, an agreement for contracted data processing is signed. We will gladly send you this document upon request.

Data Storage

All data is collected and stored in encrypted form. The data is automatically archived in a backup system ensuring that it can be fully restored in case of a catastrophic event. The data is deleted after one year by means of an automatic deletion function. If longer or shorter intervals have been agreed with you, the deletion will take place as agreed.


Applicants will be informed about who collects the data and on whose behalf it is collected. They are informed about their rights, in particular the right to "delete the data".

Test Protection

Please note that test protection is also part of data protection. If tests are used for questions on which a decision depends, the items of the tests should not be made public, otherwise results may not be usable. Professional test procedures are subject to controlled distribution conditions that offer a certain degree of protection. We therefore only sell our tests to corporate customers and not to private individuals. We cannot therefore disclose any test questions. Questions are updated regularly and they are valid only in the context of the overall evaluation and not as individual answers.


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